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Seamless point-to-point rides in your private electrified tuk tuk. Our spacious tuktuks can comfortably accommodate your clique, ensuring an enjoyable journey from start to finish

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Getting Around

Experience the ultimate liberation and adventure during your vacation or holiday with our exclusive tuk-tuk rides. Glide through your destination, reveling in unobstructed views, feeling the wind in your hair, and relishing delectable local delicacies—all at your fingertips. Our passionate drivers take immense pride in adorning each tuk-tuk with captivating cultural details, enhancing your journey. Plus, our entire fleet is eco-friendly, boasting 100% electric tuk-tuks equipped with wireless Bluetooth speakers for an immersive and sustainable travel experience. Embrace the spirit of exploration in style!

What does tuktuk mean ?

In an era dominated by gas and oil, the term tuktuk originated from the distinctive sound produced by earlier models — tuuk-tuuk — reflecting their unique and memorable engine hum

Your TukTuk is Ready
Gather your party and Hop On
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Invite friends for on your ride

Experience the convenience of a hassle-free ride for your party of up to 8, all at an unbeatable price. And here's the best part - several hotels in the vicinity offer our service for FREE to their overnight guests! Enjoy a seamless transportation experience without worrying about extra expenses. Book now and elevate your stay with effortless travel arrangements.

TukTuk Tours
Sunny, Brezzy & Fun
group of women going on a tour in a tuktuk

Tours with friends are cool

Gather your crew, squad, or tribe for an exclusive, personalized half-day tour unlike any other! Tailor your experience with a variety of themes such as art, music, glassmaking, and more. Embark on a journey that's uniquely crafted to match your group's interests and preferences. Book now and curate a memorable adventure together!.

Direct to Destination
Play your wireless speaker
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Point to Point

Enjoy the luxury of a private ride exclusively for your group, with no ride-sharing or unexpected stops along the way. Experience seamless, direct transportation to your destination without any delays. Our dedicated drivers are prepared to meet you, ensuring a prompt and efficient drop-off experience, so you can get to your destination hassle-free and on time.

Fun, Exciting, Safe

Craft envy-inducing memories and capture stunning photos that will leave your friends green with envy! Picture yourself gliding down the vibrant Gulf Blvd streets in your exclusive private tuktuk, soaking in the vibrant scenes with absolute comfort and unmatched style. Your Instagram feed will be a testament to your incredible adventure, leaving your followers yearning to join you on this extraordinary journey

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Everyone is Riding

Imagine rolling down the street with the warm breeze in your hair, and pulling up to your destination looking like a total VIP.

Flat pricing, no surge charges.

Frequently asked questions

    • How many people can ride?

      The custom built tuktuk can handle up to 8 passengers

    • Are they ADA accessible?

      You must transfer to the onboard seat, we can load the fold up wheelchair

    • Are the tuktuk driverless or autonomous vehicle or driving by AI?

      No, there is a real human being that can be pinched to verify. Don’t do that, but its true, we verify everyone to make sure they are human

    • Do tuktuks have seat belts?

      Yes and we ask that you keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Just like they do at the theme parks

    • Can I play my own playlist while riding?

      OMG we totally got you on this. Each tuktuk has a wireless bluetooth speaker for your clique to jam to

    • Are tuktuks safe?

      Yes as long as you don’t do anything stupid

    • Are all of the vehicles electric?

      Yes, they are powered by a battery and motor that are charged at headquarters

    • What hours do you operate?

      Our hours are generally from 10am till 10pm, during busy times, in the off season we reduce the operating hours

    • What happens in bad weather?

      We close up shop and all the drivers report back to headquarters until the inclement weather goes away

    • can I consume alcohol while on board?

      We are waiting to hear back from the police

    • Do you offer car seats for young children?

      Riders are encouraged to bring their own child car seats or boosters

    • Do you allow pets?

      If the hotel allowed you to bring your pet, sure. Just make sure it is not a monkey or some other exotic animal, btw, our drivers don’t like snakes

    • Are the tuktuks air-conditioned?

      You get to experience the salt sea air while being driving around in an electric vehicle with no carbon emissions